Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Senate bill passes

the House of Representatives 219-212. 2 more votes (one procedural that would recommit the bill with instructions related to abortion to a committee, which would effectively kill it or at least delay it; but it would be surprising for it to pass after the first did). If the second vote loses, then there would be a third vote on the reconciliation bill.

11:00pm. Stupak arguing against motion to recommit....motion designed to peel him and his supporters off. So, the vote hasn't happened yet, but the Senate bill will become law almost certainly.

11:12 Motion to recommit is defeated 232-199 ...will be interesting to see who voted against the bill and against the motion to recommit. The Senate bill will be law within the next few days.

11:33 House passes reconciliation bill, 220-211. On to the Senate. Even if that dies in the Senate, the Senate bill will be law.

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