Thursday, March 11, 2010

The barrier now

is the House acting. Ezra Klein has it about right. The House has to pass the Senate bill and then they can try and do a reconciliation bill clean up. The biggest barrier now seems to be institutional hatred of the Senate by the House, with a fake abortion controversy second. In the end, if the House can't pass the Senate bill the story is that the Democratic party can't govern the country. It is harder to govern given the type of ideological rhetoric used in opposition, but in the end that is like saying no fair the other team shooting three pointers if you lose a basketball game. Strident rhetoric is the best play the Republicans have, because they have no credible health reform offense; they have ideas, are good on defense, but have no offense. You have to expect them to run their best play. And you have to go ahead and govern. If the House doesn't pass the Senate bill the primary message heading into the election for the Democratic party will be we can't govern the country.

More on health reform as poker and who plays the best from TNR. And I revised the above....earlier said have no ideas and no offense. It is they have ideas, but no offense. And Barone in WSJ on the math in the House.

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