Thursday, March 18, 2010

Count at 208

per politico....with rankings of the likelihood of switching. Kissel of North Carolina listed by them as 9th most likely No to Yes. The final calculus seems to be how many of the Stupak voting bloc change to no over abortion, but at this point the abortion argument against the Senate bill is not holding much water. I suspect these are folks who want to be no votes and are just using abortion as cover.....but only they know. CBO score later today.

Update: prelim CBO score....reduce deficit $130 B over 10, $1.2 T in next 10 outlays over 10 $940 B. My hunch is that there will be a group move to the bill or away from it once the score is digested. With Kucinich, it is up 1, and the calculus then is you have to get a No to Yes, for each Stupak Yes to No you lose.

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