Monday, March 15, 2010

Just pass the bill

The House is apparently considering different routes to pass the Senate bill and the proposed clean up or reconciliation between the House and Senate bill. Let me suggest the following: (1) pass the Senate bill; (2) pass the clean up/reconciliation bill. Then the President can sign the Senate bill and they can declare victory and have a big party.

Then the Senate can take up the relatively small clean up/reconciliation bill and at that point, after the law has been enacted. If the Republicans then block the clean up bill they are advocating to keep things like the Nebraska deal. But, if the House passes a convulted we deem this passed if the Senate passes the clean up bill, then the Republican can still be arguing to block the entire thing by blocking the clean up bill.

It is time for the House Democrats to cowboy up. Pass the bill or not but move ahead one way or another.

Update: this says Speaker Pelosi has ruled out passing the Senate bill via the 'we deem the Senate bill passed only if...' option. That is good if true. This says the House will pass a rule that says the Senate bill is deemed passed once the House passes the clean up bill. So, there is some pointless jujitsu from where I stand, but if they pass this rule, reform will pass this weekend with the President signing the Senate bill, and then the Senate taking up the clean up bill passed by the Senate....but with the fate of the overall bill already decided.

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