Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Jump in Cali uninsured

Study from UCLA documenting a huge increase in the number of uninsured during the recession....now nearly 1 in 4 non eldelry Californians are uninsured. The biggest increase came among workers where 5.4% of the employed were uninsured in 2007, but rising to 12.3% of workers by 2009. The saying 'so goes California, so goes the country' does not portend good things.

Meanwhile, back in Washington, all the action is behind the scences. Who knows what the actual count is on the legislation? My gut says it is going to pass based mostly on how much conservatives seem to be freaking out and giving sober assessments of how bad it will be for Democratic fortunes in the Fall election if it passes. I wrote on the morning of the State of the Union there was only a 5% chance of the Senate bill passing, so if it does pass, I am not such a good prognosticator. Intrade is up to about 70%. The policy big picture has been unchanged for half a year with the politics going up or down.

It reminds me of what my grandfather said one night in Church after a longish discussion of some issue that I don't remember. The preacher called on brother P.L. to say a few words on the topic (he was a quiet man and often needing prodding). If I close my eyes, I can hear his voice saying....'there's been enough said, it's time to vote.'

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  1. That sounds like somehting PaPa would have said. A very wise man of many thoughts and few words!
    your sister T.