Wednesday, October 28, 2009


News and Observer today has a piece on pushback to Blue Cross Blue Shield NC's mailer opposed to a public option here. I blogged about this last weekend. Hint: I suspect there are parts of NC that would be swayed by these types of mailings, but save your postage to Durham and Chapel Hill. I have been surprised by how many folks I have heard talking about this in the circles in which I run....which are the only ones I have direct knowledge about.

Also, some seem to be suggesting and are mad that BCBS NC used enrollee records to target the mailers, but I got the mailer and I don't have any BCBS insurance (nor does my wife). It is a general mailing, and mine is addressed to The Taylor Family or current resident.

Plus, so what if they want to mail to their customers advocating their position? Seems fine to me. Also, from the other side, if they mail it and it backfires on them by making folks angry, no one to blame but yourself.

Adam Searing has an op-ed in today's N and O on the history of BCBS NC, and how he feels the current form is not true to its history.

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