Wednesday, October 7, 2009

4 Senators

Interesting piece outlining the worries/concerns of 4 Senators who are publicly undecided about Baucus, and their reasons. Olympia Snowe is worried that mandated insurance is not affordable. Jay Rockefeller is worried that the plan it too much of a giveaway to the insurance industry. Ron Wyden is worried that most people will not have access to the exchanges and that too few have much choice of insurance coverage. And Blanche Lincoln is worried about whether the govt can afford it (and about getting re-elected).

It has been mighty quiet this week. That should all change soon. Either Senate Finance is scurrying to pare down the bill if CBO score says it adds to the deficit....or the train will start to roll and the opponents will have to amp up the opposition or try and jump in late and try and modify the bill if they see it as inevitable.

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