Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Public Option Key?

Paul Starr says no, but accelerating the start up time of the benefits of reform is key in the NY Times.....also published today in the News and Observer. Speaking of Starr, he wrote the best history of American Medicine, winner of the Pullitzer Prize for General Non Fiction in 1982... The Social Transformation of American Medicine (Basic Books, 1982). The first sentence of the book is brilliant, "The dream of reason did not take power into account."

So true.

Speaking of (un)reason(able)....Howard Dean saying the bill without a public option is not worth it and should be defeated. This is completely ridiculous, in part because the version of public option that is in the Senate bill (and House) is watered down and not likely to be conssequential one way or another.

And in the race for the most unreasonable thing said on the floor in the Senate reform debate, Sen. Coburn takes the early lead with a 'die sooner' redux.

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