Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Deal reached

Apparently a deal has been reached by the 10 Dems who have been negotiating....sounds like a Medicaid expansion from 133% to 150% is off the table. The Public Option as it has been discussed is gone, and in its place is apparently some sort of Medicare buy in for persons age 55-64. What is not clear is how many persons in this age group (55-64) could buy into Medicare. It seems as though the Medicare buy in would eventually be a part of the exchanges beginning in 2014. The details have been sent to CBO and we may not know all detail until they do score.

So, more details needed to be able to say much more. But, if only long term uninsured are eligible this will mostly just be pushing sicker near elderly folks into Medicare.....private insurers might be helped by that. If it is broader, they will likely see it as a threat.....need more details.

Also, Nelson's Stupak-like language was tabled 54-45 which means it is dead in the Senate. Still searching for an abortion compromise in the Senate.

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