Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Bernie Sanders introduces an amendment for Medicare for everyone, Coburn objects to the typical consent to not read the entire bill and the greatest deliberative body in the world spends an afternoon reading part of something that one Senator would vote for [well, maybe three or four--only 56 votes short!]. Dems apparently still waiting for CBO score. I have a hunch that Republicans stalling like this actually increases the resolve of the Dems and makes the waiverers more likely to vote yes.
Update: more from NY Times.


  1. It looks as though you will get your way and a bill will be passed. As a senior who is presently satisfied with the program we now have, I still feel that reform is necessary. The manner in which it has been done is disgraceful and very partisan. I very strongly supported tort reform and if anything the bill emasculates the reforms some states have made. No progress has been made on improving processing as pointed out by "60 minutes". So much lard or bribery is included to get senators like Landrieu and Nelson to sign on as well as the favors in the bill for democratic supporters. You should spend more of your time addressing these instead of continually slamming the republicans. While I do not agree with their posture on many points, they have not really been allowed input on some of the good points they have made.I am a registered Independent who is pro-choice, pro business and anti socialistic.

  2. I support malpractice/tort reform wrote about it here the aug 7 column. It won't save that much money, but we need to save everywhere. Most importantly tort reform would be a step towards a patient safety focused system. If this becomes law the Republicans made a large error not joining in. Two or three of them could have gotten alot on tort reform and if were the correct ones we could have gotten more on cost. I guess it is a bit of rohrshock (sp?) test for how you view the world. Did Dems freeze Republicans out or did Republicans decide they would block in effort to defeat the Pres? In any event, Republicans, Indep. and everyone will have many chances down the road for inevitable tweaks should this become law.