Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Excise Tax

Jon Gruber a few days ago on the tax on high cost insurance plans. Well written assessment....but I do wish we would cap the tax exclusion up front instead of doing in back door via this tax so that more focus could be put on role of the end user of care--you and me--on rising health care costs. But, this tax is the best aspect of the Senate bill to slow cost inflation.

Update: Today Bob Herbert in NY Times attacks the tax...he does understand it, just doesn't like i (meaning the real goal of the tax is to be avoided, with folks shifting down into lower cost insurance policies). I agree that it is not best referred to as a Cadillac tax....that is why I call it a high cost insurance tax. Again, I would rather limit and eventually end the tax exclusion altogether....and it doesn't bother me if you want lots of insurance, I just don't think all the premium should be tax preferenced if provided via an employer.

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