Thursday, January 7, 2010

Drug reimportation and terrorism

Drug reimportation from other nations would probably lower costs for some folks, but it is no panacea. An op-ed in the Wall Street Journal begins says it is much worse and begins...

"As a threat to our nation's security, allowing imported drugs into our pharmacies ranks just below terrorism."

He means this to be very scary. I hate to bring up data produced by the writer of the Op-EDs own organization (American Council on Science and Health), but if the threat of reimportation is below terrorism, then it is quite small. His organization says terrorism is less likely to kill you than failure to use carbon monoxide detectors! In fairness, the op-ed is not about terrorism, but also in fairness to everyone else, why hitch a potentially reasonable argument to the current hysteria?

I hate to pile on, but his organization's website says this:

"With this website, ACSH wishes to give readers a more accurate perspective on the real, documented risks to life in twenty-first century America.

The popular media presents many small or unsubstantiated exposures as real, life-threatening risks; consumers may justifiably become concerned and alter lifestyles for little or no good reason."

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