Sunday, November 29, 2009

You say you are for reform but wanna cut costs?

There are quite a few Senators who have been saying things like I am for reform, but the current Senate bill doesn't do enough to slow costs. I agree. Here is a good overview of some practical ways to improve the bill. The Senate is going to start talking about this, the Senators like Snowe, Lincoln, Carper, Lieberman, Landrieu, Hagan, Corker, Bennett, Collins, Nelson (of Nebraska) need to step up and say how they would improve it since they all say they want reform it is just that the current bill doesn't do enough to control costs. They aren't helpless.

And the more liberal Senators who say the full scale public option would slow the rate of growth are correct.....but its not going to happen. Folks like Durbin, Schumer, Feingold, Burris, Sanders, Dodd, Harkin, Wyden need to step up to what is doable.

Left/progressives meet the centrists. It is time to get 'er done....or put another way, to put up or shut up.

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