Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Senate Bill

The numbers are as follows, around $850 Billion in outlays over 10 years, reduction in the deficit of around $127 Billion over 10, increasing coverage of 31 Million (v. 36M in House), and getting to 94% of coverage for legal residents (v. 96% in House). Biggest cost difference is in the second 10 years, CBO estimating reduces deficit by $650 Billion in decade 2 (years 11-20), whereas for House bill they noted expected to be neutral.....shows difference in income tax increase v. other financing and also less subsidy level in senate bill plus the payroll tax increase to defray effect of the baby boomers.

Keep in mind when thinking of the outlays of the bill, we will spend $35 Trillion on health care over next 10 years if we do nothing, so $850 Billion over $35 Trillion is about 2%.

Here is a summary of the bill....looks like a high cost insurance tax stayed in but also an increase in the Medicare payroll tax for those of $250,000+ of 0.5 percent. Looks as though the lingo of this is extending solvency of Medicare. Full bill is here. The bill is written as a substitute because all tax raising bills must originate in the House, so there will be a motion to strip all language from House bill and insert this text as a start....standard stuff.

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