Wednesday, July 15, 2009

In the papers

Washington Post editorializing against House Dem plan to pay for large chunk of reform bill via income tax increase on high earners. NY Times has story with nice graphic with details of the surtax.

I suspect the House proposal to have income tax surcharge may be designed to help bring caping the employer paid insurance subsidy back into play in the Senate.

Wall Street Journal has op-ed on malpractice reform, suggesting move to health courts. I will write about malpractice and health care costs in a few weeks in my News and Observer series on health reform that is set to run Fridays. The WSJ health blog has story on how middle class folks may fare under individual mandate with a lessened tax subsidy of employer provided insurance.

And the News and Observer has an odd story about a person from Cary going to Russia to get health care.

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