Tuesday, July 21, 2009

4 Question Interview with Frank Hill

Frank Hill served as chief of staff to former Congressman Alex McMillan of Charlotte (1985-95) and former Senator Elizabeth Dole (2002-04), and worked with the Commission on Entitlement and Tax Reform in 1994. He now lives in Charlotte, and his blog is here. Like all 4 Question interviews, his response is published in full.

Question 1. What is the biggest problem facing the U.S. health care system? Escalating, ever-expanding and uncontrolled health care costs, especially in the public sector, that are consuming a larger percentage of our federal resources each year.

Question 2. What do you most want to see preserved about the U.S. health care system? Best quality of 1) care 2) research 3) pharmaceutical advances 4) hospital service such as Duke Hospital

Question 3. What is the most important health policy priority for North Carolina (or the USA)? [answer which ever you want to answer] The most important policy is to re-arrange the existing federal health care resources so that everyone can be covered by true health insurance plans and take away the uncertain tail-end costs that are being passed along through the emergency care centers or passed along to private health plans.

Question 4. If you could design a health system from scratch, what would it look like? see my principles here.

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  1. Comments by Frank Hill focus on the South but in Bromley Vermont they are the same. Good questions Frank but we need the same focus in the North. Anon Bromley