Friday, July 10, 2009

Delay in release of bill

Delay in the release of House Dem version of reform to address 'Blue Dog' concerns. When you hear someone say the Democrats health plan should ask 'which Democrats?' Not exactly a solid voting bloc on health reform.

Update: House Dem committee plan proposes income tax increase on individuals making $280,00+ and couples making $350,000 which they project will raise $550 Billion over 10 years, around half of the $1 Trillion total cost of the bill over that time...Medicare cuts would make up a good deal of the rest.

There are only so many ways to come up with $50 Billion/year:
*income tax increase as noted seems in play in this house committee bill
*cap tax subsidy on employer provided health insurance seemed to be in play in the Senate, but many cooling to the idea

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