Saturday, January 22, 2011

Most detailed health reform poll to date

is out, done for NY Times/CBS News. Several folks have already blogged about it: Kevin Drum and Greg Sargent. The health reform questions start on page 18 of the link.

48% say the law should stand as is, with 40% saying it should be repealed. They then asked those saying they wanted repeal if they favored repeal of the entire bill or parts of it, and about 20% wanted full repeal, 18% repeal of parts of it, with 2% saying they were not sure. The poll then asked more detailed questions than I have seen about what aspects of the law those wanting repeal most want ended. Of those saying they want repeal, when asked what they most want repealed, 8% say everything, and 11% say the individual mandate. Nothing else gets more than 1%.

There are some other interesting questions from about page 15-18 about the deficit, and people's view of how to address the deficit, including their preference for increasing taxes or cutting spending. Roughly speaking, they prefer cuts in the abstract, but the more specific you get about programs like Medicare, Social Security and Medicare they prefer increased taxes.

Of course, the one true item of bipartisan consensus is lower taxes and more spending....

There are 5 or 6 polls out this week and the confidence interval on what percent want repeal of some or all of it (the two combined) is 37% to 50%, with those wanting total repeal clustering around 20%. Hopefully the Republicans in the House will move on with some modifications that could improve the law, especially in addressing health care costs.

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