Monday, January 24, 2011

More on high deductible

Ezra Klein discussing high deductible insurance options and discussing Jon Cohn's post on similar topic. They both point out that high deductible options will be available in exchanges. Klein points to this interesting paper that I haven't read on the subject by Jason Furman.

Cohn asks a question that is important and to which I don't know the answer: how do current HSA plans compare in an actuarial value sense to the Bronze insurance level that would be available in exchanges in 2014? A further question, what would the options look like if we moved away from, and not toward more tax preferenced spending for health insurance and health care?

I think that trying a push for universal coverage with catastrophic coverage and then trying to develop a market for underneath cover would be a step ahead. I know that people can choose Bronze in the future, but I still think we would be better off to focus on getting everyone into something while moving away from tax preferenced spending on health insurance and health care generally. And if you got to universal, you could do away with the individual mandate; let people choose to buy underneath cover or not, as was their wish. In any event, if we discuss policy options to alter the ACA that would be never know, the different sides might stumble into some things we could agree upon.

Keeping with the notion of talking, Igor Volsky with 5 health policy ideas/compromises he says the President should embrace tomorrow night in the State of the Union. Ross Douthat with his ideas along the lines of compromise/further talk.

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