Tuesday, January 18, 2011

HR 105

This bill was noted this morning as a replace piece of legislation by Rep. Burton. I haven't read it closely, but it includes tax credits for insurance purchase by low income persons, allows deductibility of premiums paid for private insurance up to your federal income tax liability, sale of insurance across state lines with companies setting up a primary state in which they do business (and follow that state's insurance regulations), and setting up high risk pools (which are not working so well in the ACA).

It will be interesting to see what CBO says about this...I will try and read it tonight.

Update: @igorvolsky with a blog post comparing the ACA to the House Republican alternative bill that was offered in Nov. 2009 and was scored. Not sure how similar HR 105 is to HR 3962 the House alternative from Nov. 2009.

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