Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New Model

described in Washington Post that functions as a membership and not as insurance; docs sidestepping insurance are making more money and giving patients longer visits per this story. The viability of such a practice depends upon enough people singing up, so there is some risk pooling. The biggest risk of such models seems likely to be that I would expect such groups to be successful at skimming the healthiest patients. However, it is interesting to see new models tried, and would be interesting to see how well you could scale up such an approach. Especially if you went to a guaranteed catastrophic insurance model, had a market for underneath private cover, and let patients also decide to opt into setups like this, it would be interesting to see how widespread this approach became, and whether my notion that it will mostly just be young health folks who sign up would turn out to be true.

(h/t Brad Flansbaum)

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