Friday, March 18, 2011

I now blog at the Incidental Economist

As of Friday, March 18, 2011 I am blogging at the Incidental Economist. Please follow me over there, you can subscribe here.

I especially would like to encourage my hospice and palliative care colleagues to join the fray at the Incidental Economist as that area will remain one of my key topics and your perspective would be valuable at the blog.

You can also follow the Incidental Economist on twitter @IncidentalEcon
This twitter feed tweets nothing but the posts from the blog

I will continue to tweet from @donaldhtaylorjr and will tweet some, but not all of my posts from the Incidental Economist.

The blog Freeforall will stay live for the time being. Eventually, the posts will be migrated to the Incidental Economist, and the domain is likely to become a blog I use for the courses I teach at Duke only.


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  2. Congratulations! Count me in. :) I'd surely be following your blogs there.

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