Thursday, February 24, 2011

NC Atty General Says H2 Unenforceable

North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper today said the bill passed by the NC General Assembly (H2) declaring that the individual mandate doesn't apply in North Carolina is unenforceable, saying states cannot pick and choose what laws to enforce. He further says that H2 could cause the state to lose Medicaid funding because the state will be able to comply with Medicaid anti-fraud portions of the ACA id H2 became law. Governor Perdue has been saying she would neither sign it, nor veto it, in which case it would become law. According to radio and television reports tonight, she is reconsidering whether to veto the law or not. Republican leaders disagree with the Attorney General's assessment.

I keep hoping the Republicans in the North Carolina House and Senate will say what their plan is to address the three biggest problems in our system:
  • cost
  • coverage
  • quality

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