Friday, February 18, 2011

Detail on CLASS Implementation

Great, detailed post from HealthReformGPS on CLASS Act background and implementation. Here are a few things I have written about CLASS. The bottom line on CLASS goes like this:
  • The big idea is to make planning for long term care a normal part of being a young adult. That would be a good policy outcome if successful.
  • The big question is whether CLASS can be implemented with a mixture of benefits, premiums and uptake rate to be self sustaining given what was passed in the ACA. The key issue is what is the definition of work that will be implemented (you must be working to sign up).
  • There is a big danger of self-fulfilling prophecy related to point 2, because uncertainty on whether the pool can be set up to be self sustaining could lead some to not sign up.

h/t Austin Frakt.

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