Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Quality of Care

Aaron Carroll has been doing a series comparing quality of care/outcomes for the US and several nations to which we are often compared at Incidental Economist. The most recent post is here and the link to the overall series is here. He did a similar series of where health care spending in the US goes as compared to other nations, that is here that clearly identified the degree to which we spend more than other nations for specific types of care.

The quality series is not completed yet, but the basic message is that we spend around $2 dollars per capita for each $1 that nations that other high income nations spend, and our quality and outcomes are in the middle (really bad on some things, really good on others, but usually in the middle). Seems clear to me that we do not get our monies worth for what we spend.

So many things to do in the health care system.

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