Friday, August 6, 2010

More on Ryan

Paul Krugman has a column labelling Rep. Paul Ryan's plan to balance the budget a flim-flam. Ezra Klein weighs in here with lots of links to stuff he has written about Ryan and his Road Map during the past 6 months.

Here were my thoughts on Ryan's proposal in February. I think Paul Krugman is too harsh in saying that Ryan's ideas offer nothing to the debate. However, Ryan doesn't have a plan to balance the budget, he has a list of spending cuts that will balance it along with a tax increase over the tax code we have now.

Ryan's proposal shows what is possible given his proposed spending cuts, ONLY IF you have a tax system that will bring in 19% of GDP long term....that is what the CBO estimated. They did not estimate his tax proposal, which most say won't come close to raising 19% of GDP. It will take tax increases and spending cuts to balance the budget in the long term.

Update: 538.c0m on Ryan roadmap.

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