Friday, February 5, 2010

Guest post from Barak

No, not that one. Barak Richman, Professor of Law at Duke University and an expert in anti-trust law who focuses on health policy. I asked him to address the merits of proposed legislation to repeal the 'anti trust exemption' that health insurers currently enjoy under the Mccaran-Ferguson Act. His post was edited by Duke Law Student James Deweese. Here is a copy of the CBO report to which he refers.

There are different versions of this. The one referred to in the CBO report, and here is a new one from two Freshman House members (one who voted nay or the House bill, one who voted yea) saying theirs allows for some sharing of data, but I think the main point is that it is a Blue Dog and a progressive proposing it.

Barak and I are doing a Duke Alumni forum on "Health Care Reform: What Happened and What's Next?" along with Sandeep Kishore, who is doing the MD/PhD program at Cornell-Weill-Sloan Keetering in New York, and who is the greatest student I ever taught at Duke University, on New York City, Tuesday March 9, 2010. More on that later.

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  1. Could you help me to know about anti trust law. Never heard about it before...